Magic Moments



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We had a patient who had left a mess in the patient restroom. Without being asked, Courtney gloved up, armed herself with clorox wipes, and cleaned up the mess. Way to go Courtney!, I had a patient that has Down Syndrome and was very sweet. He and his grandma went to optical to check out the glasses. A short time later when I came back through the patient, Andrew, wanted to show me his two choices of glasses. One of the glasses I told him made him look like a muscle man. He had told me he loved to watch wrestle mania. Janette said when she had put those on him he started flexing his muscles. Janette flexed her muscles with him and they had a special hand shake. Andrew left EyeOne feeling loved and valued. Janette showed that EyeOne is more than a place to work; she showed she knows her purpose....the patient., Last week at work an elderly woman fell near the waiting area. Before the doctor was even alerted Stephanie Shaw was there to assist the patient. Stephanie had a very calmness and confidence that was needed and noticed. The elderly lady spoke Spanish and so can Stephanie and this was also helpful!, Great Team Work Ladies! These ladies pulled their resources together and helped a young patient acquire interim benefits(pt was just seen in July) and make the process very smooth and less confusing for a new custodial Uncle. Lots of paperwork, emails and phone calls needed to be made to make everything clear and smooth and they did a great job and the Uncle was hugely impressed by their efforts!! Kudos! Great Customer Service!, We had a patient fall in the office who did not speak English. Stephanie responded quickly to the situation and handled it effortlessly. Not only does she speak Spanish but she is also an EMT, which made her a huge asset in assisting the patient. She is very helpful not just in this particular incident, but in other ares as well. She is always willing to help with a smile on her face!, Heather had a patient who unfortunately was a victim of domestic abuse, which resulted in her only pair of glasses getting broke beyond repair. The patient had a friend that had tried to help by supergluing them, however the superglue ended up on the lenses and the friend tried to scrap the superglue off with a screwdriver. The poor woman wasn’t able to even see out of the lenses. Heather consulted with Dr. Rivellino and they were able to give her a pair of glasses that Heather found that were close enough to her prescription so that she could wear until her appointment and until her new glasses came in. Way to go the extra mile for your patient and gain a patient for life. You had the whole optical shop and the patient in tears for your act of kindness. The patient was extremely grateful., I know they can't all be stars of the month, but I just want to recognize the Staunton Front Desk. They are always so cheerful and willing to help. Also, they always go above and beyond to make sure everyone is included like having luncheons/gifts for birthdays or expecting mothers. We appreciate everything they do!, Debbie graciously worked through lunch to do a visual field on 5/23/18. We were really busy that day and she was so kind and not hangry. Thank you Debbie for being such a good co worker., Jaime is an allstar. I had an elderly patient that couldn't make it to the bathroom and made a mess on the floor. Jaime and Melissa cleaned up the mess and the entire exam room., Today Janette overcame not only a language barrier but the challenges of helping a handicapped young adult patient. After patiently assisting in finding the best frame choice and completing the lens order. The patient became very agitated and was unable to understand why she could not take the frames with her in the moment. Multiple attempts by the family and Jeanette were made to explain and calm the girl. Seeing no progress in diffusing the situation; Jeanette got her OWN frames from her desk, popped out her lenses and offered her frames to the girl to take with her. Her quick thinking not only calmed the upset patient but made such a positive impression on the family. I thought this example of "giving the shirt off your back" should be shared and recognized., On Wed. March 12 the ramp to the basement in Stn. was covered in snow. Debbie came out to help me down the ramp so I wouldn't slide. I wanted to thank her very much for her help and going the extra mile!! Thanks Debbie!!!!, Dr. Rivellino was doing an exam on a 3 year old and the little boy just started throwing up everywhere because he was so scared and nervous for his first eye exam. Dr. Rivellino brings the patient and the patient's mom out of the room and Chelsea did not hesitate to go right in the room and clean everything up and disinfect the room, no questions asked. Thank you Chelsea! You're awesome!, We had a patient projectile vomit in the room and chelsea stepped up and put her gloves on and mopped the floor. Thank you Chelsea!, I would like to nominate Janna Snell for Star of the Month. It looked like someone had camped outside of our entry door downstairs and left all their trash. Janna did not hesitate to clean this mess up. Thank you Janna for making our entry way, which is also seen by vendors look good again!, Today Janette had a patient who insisted she could not go to the bathroom alone and that Janette must accompany her. Janette went above and beyond the call of duty to assist this patient., Janette helped and elderly lady that was in a wheelchair in the restroom who had an accident and could not help herself, so janette stepped up and helped her!, Devyn went out of her way to help me get an old contact prescription from Walmart with a complicated patient this morning. Thanks for all your help!!!, Michelle helped myself and patient out in a big way. She took the time to call their insurance company and double check on the lens warranty. She ended up having to call back for another question pertaining to that order. It resolved the issue with the patient and the patient very pleased with the outcome., Heather went above her duties. I had a pair of sunglasses that I had gotten from here 7 years ago and they broke and are no longer available. Heather spent several days and different techniques to fix them and she did! She is a star in my eyes! Thanks Again Heather!, Heather went above and beyond her duties. I had a pair of sunglasses that I had gotten from here 7 years ago that I had broken and they are no longer available. Heather spent several days with different techniques to fix them and she did!! She is a star in my eyes! Thanks again Heather!, Devyn was very kind to a patient on the phone giving her directions to the Staunton office. The patient did not quite understand directions so Devyn like put herself in the car with the patient and ask her where she was and what she seen while driving, Devyn would tell her to turn at that light and so on. She was on the phone quite a while and was very patient and understanding to the patient. Devyn told her to take her time because she had moved her appointment back so it was no hurry. At the end of the phone conversation I told Devyn bless your heart and she said bless the patient's heart. I thought that was very sweet., I would like to mention love how the Stn office works together 🙂 Was just amazed by how they help each other on everything . Only have worked there a few times with them . :), This is a test for the star of the month., Ryan is always going above and beyond help others. Today he helped this old lady (me) by reattaching my windshield wiper that fell off on my way this morning in the snow. Thanks Ryan!!!, I would like to nominate Michelle for Star of the Month. Last week she offered to stay so the guys could finish with the sprinkler system. She thought she would just have to stay for an extra 30 minutes, but she ended up staying 90 minutes. Thanks for sticking around when you didn't have to!, I would like to nominate Janna for Star of the Month. Michelle went on vacation for a week, and I was in Intake all by myself. Janna went way above her job requirements and helped me out with everything. She even ended up doing things that she wasn’t trained to do and did a great job at it. It was truly a blessing to have her help that week because there were a lot of optical orders coming in., Amy is a great help when you call with a contact lens problem. No matter what time of day she is always so nice and helpful. Keep up the good work Amy!!!, I wanted to recognize Devyn for helping me on the 9th, the day after the snow. I was on my way to work and was stopped suddenly on Hopeman Parkway, by a road block. The police had the road completely blocked for a good bit and then had us detour down another road. At this point I am now going to be a few minutes late. I called the main number to get some directions and let someone know I was now running late. I was so grateful Devyn answered the phone since I'm still new and don't know a whole lot of people and she knows I'm not from around here. I told her my surroundings and she was able to direct me back onto the road I needed to be on. She even offered to call the Fishersville office and let them know I would be a bit late, which she did. Thanks to Devyn I was only a few minutes late instead of getting completely lost in Waynesboro and being even later. Thank you Devyn!!!, After a long night in the ER with my mother-in-law and coming in to work on 2 hours sleep, I managed to lock my keys in my car at lunch. It was the icing on the cake after spending 8 hours last night in the ER with my mother-in-law. Ryan came to the rescue with a coat hanger and a stick and liberated my keys and saved the day., I would like to recognize Hannah. Management usually doesn't get much recognition from staff because of the nature of their positions. Hannah makes every effort to approve employee requests. And when she can't you can respect that it is because she does not have adequate coverage to do so. Thanks, I would like to recognize Ryan today. He help an elderly man out of his car and into a wheelchair so he could come into the office to be seen. His daughter came in to the office and ask if anyone could help her get her father out of the car. Thank you Ryan for your kindness.