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July 2018

Staunton Front Desk
I know they can't all be stars of the month, but I just want to recognize the Staunton Front Desk. They are always so cheerful and willing to help. Also, they always go above and beyond to make sure everyone is included like having luncheons/gifts for birthdays or expecting mothers. We appreciate everything they do!

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Courtney O'Leary
Jalane Reed
We had a patient who had left a mess in the patient restroom. Without being asked, Courtney gloved up, armed herself with clorox wipes, and cleaned up the mess. Way to go Courtney!
Janette Clayton
Debbie Miller
I had a patient that has Down Syndrome and was very sweet. He and his grandma went to optical to check out the glasses. A short time later when I came back through the patient, Andrew, wanted to show me his two choices of glasses. One of the glasses I told him made him look like a muscle man. He had told me he loved to watch wrestle mania. Janette said when she had put those on him he started flexing his muscles. Janette flexed her muscles with him and they had a special hand shake. Andrew left EyeOne feeling loved and valued. Janette showed that EyeOne is more than a place to work; she showed she knows her purpose....the patient.
Stephanie Shaw
Debbie Miller
Last week at work an elderly woman fell near the waiting area. Before the doctor was even alerted Stephanie Shaw was there to assist the patient. Stephanie had a very calmness and confidence that was needed and noticed. The elderly lady spoke Spanish and so can Stephanie and this was also helpful!
Jessica Shafer, Ashley Lucas and Megan Bannon
Julie Danich
Great Team Work Ladies!
These ladies pulled their resources together and helped a young patient acquire interim benefits(pt was just seen in July) and make the process very smooth and less confusing for a new custodial Uncle. Lots of paperwork, emails and phone calls needed to be made to make everything clear and smooth and they did a great job and the Uncle was hugely impressed by their efforts!! Kudos! Great Customer Service!
Stephanie Shaw
Angel Kester
We had a patient fall in the office who did not speak English. Stephanie responded quickly to the situation and handled it effortlessly. Not only does she speak Spanish but she is also an EMT, which made her a huge asset in assisting the patient. She is very helpful not just in this particular incident, but in other ares as well. She is always willing to help with a smile on her face!
Heather Maddox
Courtney O'Leary
Heather had a patient who unfortunately was a victim of domestic abuse, which resulted in her only pair of glasses getting broke beyond repair. The patient had a friend that had tried to help by supergluing them, however the superglue ended up on the lenses and the friend tried to scrap the superglue off with a screwdriver. The poor woman wasn’t able to even see out of the lenses. Heather consulted with Dr. Rivellino and they were able to give her a pair of glasses that Heather found that were close enough to her prescription so that she could wear until her appointment and until her new glasses came in. Way to go the extra mile for your patient and gain a patient for life. You had the whole optical shop and the patient in tears for your act of kindness. The patient was extremely grateful.

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