Magic Moments Staunton



June 2017

Michelle Snodgrass
Michelle helped myself and patient out in a big way. She took the time to call their insurance company and double check on the lens warranty. She ended up having to call back for another question pertaining to that order. It resolved the issue with the patient and the patient very pleased with the outcome.
Heather Maddox
stephanie powell
Heather went above her duties. I had a pair of sunglasses that I had gotten from here 7 years ago and they broke and are no longer available. Heather spent several days and different techniques to fix them and she did! She is a star in my eyes! Thanks Again Heather!

July 2017

Janette Clayton
Heather Maddox
Today Janette had a patient who insisted she could not go to the bathroom alone and that Janette must accompany her. Janette went above and beyond the call of duty to assist this patient.
Janette Clayton
Stephanie Powell
Janette helped and elderly lady that was in a wheelchair in the restroom who had an accident and could not help herself, so janette stepped up and helped her!
Devyn Leonard
Brandi Simmons
Devyn went out of her way to help me get an old contact prescription from Walmart with a complicated patient this morning. Thanks for all your help!!!

August 2017

September 2017

Janna Snell
Donna Jenkins
I would like to nominate Janna Snell for Star of the Month.
It looked like someone had camped outside of our entry door downstairs and left all their trash.
Janna did not hesitate to clean this mess up.
Thank you Janna for making our entry way, which is also seen by vendors look good again!

October 2017

Chelsea Shepherd
Olivia Hall
Dr. Rivellino was doing an exam on a 3 year old and the little boy just started throwing up everywhere because he was so scared and nervous for his first eye exam. Dr. Rivellino brings the patient and the patient's mom out of the room and Chelsea did not hesitate to go right in the room and clean everything up and disinfect the room, no questions asked. Thank you Chelsea! You're awesome!
Chelsea Shepherd
stephanie powell
We had a patient projectile vomit in the room and chelsea stepped up and put her gloves on and mopped the floor. Thank you Chelsea!

November 2017

December 2017