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Just wanting to give a huge thank you to admin staff for being so nice and helpful. We appreciate ALL that you do 🙂
Amanda Conner
Amanda deserves to be nominated as well for cleaning up the bathroom. Amanda didn't hesitate to roll up her pants and help clean up the water and unclog the toilet. Thank you Amanda!
Kayla Ritchie
Kayla deserves to be nominated for cleaning up the bathroom. A patient clogged the toilet and water covered the entire bathroom floor. It was nasty and the smell was awful. Thank you Kayla!

October 2018

Melinda Robey
Lisa Hull
I would like to recognize Melinda. I had some issues going on and she took the time to check on me to see how I was doing. She is always so sweet and very caring about the patient. It meant a lot to me to check on me!

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