Magic Moments Fishersville




January 2018

Kayla Bartley
Julie Danich
Kayla recognized an alert on a patient chart regarding an issue with the insurance to get claims paid. She pulled a Medifax, contacted the insurance company (which takes additional time by calling to verify) obtained the correct info, entered it, made billing aware ( to rebill the claims), made the person that entered the alert aware and had an updated card ordered for the patient. The claims were from the last quarter of 2017 and this was definitely above and beyond Admin responsibilities and time restraints. Kudos Kayla-you broadened your knowledge and you are an asset!
I have received multiple compliments at check out on Melinda's bedside manner and how wonderful she treats all of her patients! Everyone that she comes in contact with is greeted by her friendly personality! Patients have even asked to request her for their next visit!

February 2018

Debbie Swink
Kim Bishop
Debbie was busy one morning working on sx stuff when a patient came in asking about his sx drops. Debbie explained all drops in detail and even went as far as to show him how to instill the medication. The patient left thrilled about this service and kindness!
Jennifer Gibson
A patient was left here by her driver for the entire morning. After several calls to the nursing home, the patient was very upset about her oxygen level and not having breakfast or a snack. We had offered her food but she declined but Erica went and purchased her two packages of cheese-its, anyways. The patient was very grateful. Our job goes well beyond the standard to-dos. Compassion is a virtue!

March 2018

Nicole Fillman
Kirby Brunk
Nicole assisted Erica in the care of a patient. She was able to suggest getting a wheelchair to help him get around better and she helped him get his coat on and take him out to his car. Great job Nicole!
Erica Sipe
Erica was helping a gentleman with his glasses order and he was having trouble breathing and moving around. She made sure he had plenty of oxygen left in his tank and she went to go get him a wheel chair so she could take him to go look at frames. The gentleman was able to pick out his frames and get the order placed same day. Because of Erica's kindness he didn't have to wait to place his order. She made sure to wheel him everywhere he needed to be. She also took him out to his car and made sure he was ok, after getting his coat for him.

April 2018

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Brittany Sherrill
Brittany went above and beyond today to try and get a clogged toilet fixed. The mess was everywhere around the toilet and one plunger was broken. We finally fixed it after the third plunger, Brittany cleaned up all of the dirty watery mess on the floor by herself!!

Thank you so much Brittany!!!
Jennifer and Erica
Today, Melinda did something incredibly thoughtful and far beyond our daily expectations and job responsibilities. There was a patient in need of materials that was unavailable and Melinda made sure the patient was tended to before leaving the building. Often times, when a patient is "handed off" after their exam, they are left in the care of optical or our front staff. Melinda is incredibly consistent in prioritizing patient care beyond the office visit.

May 2018

Jessica Prather
Jessica is ALWAYS more than willing to help out other pods. I know that is our job as techs, however, she is always the first to ask and the last to stay. Jessica goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone's day goes as smooth as possible. Some days I don't know how we could keep our head above water without her.

June 2018

July 2018

August 2018