Magic Moments Fishersville




June 2017

Brandi Simmons
We had a patient fall in the waiting room today as tried to sit on his walker which wasn't locked. Brandi was off today but came in for a baby shower, she quickly went to the patient and helped the patient up making sure he was not injured.
Great job Brandi!
Laurie Hailey
Lisa Hull
A Dr Tiedeman patient came from Harrison and was dropped off at AH. They did not have any shuttle running that day and the patient could not get here for his apt. Laurie Hailey didn't want him to have to reschedule so she went and picked him up. That was so sweet of her to do that and really cares for the patients.

July 2017

Stephaine Shaw
A free clinic patient came in and asked if we had anyone that could interpret for her and luckily Stephanie was available.

August 2017

I would like to take a moment and recognize the retina pod. Recently, Dr Tiedeman had 80 patients scheduled on 8/30/17. The techs and Dr Tiedeman managed not to get more than 30 minutes behind. They were non-stop, working out of all five rooms plus an extra room in Patels pod. Dr Tiedeman was feeling under the weather with a severe cold but he didn't let it stop him. The Retina girls and Dr Tiedeman all deserve star of the month.
Jen Hagwood
Jen Gibson
I witnessed Jen entertaining a very energetic toddler (I believe he was autistic). She simply walked him through the back halls and engaged him down on his level, allowing him to stomp and explore, freely. She ultimately helped diffuse his overwhelmed momma and kept him from sprinting throughout the office (he was a speed ninja!). Guys it takes a village! Way to be receptive Jen!
Brittany Sherrill
Brandi Simmons
Brittany took one for the team yesterday and went into the patient bathroom with her pants rolled up, gloved and with a plunger and mop bucket to un clog the toilet and mop up the lake left on the floor. Thank you for you service Britt!

September 2017

This is a test
Lisa Hull
Laurie Hailey
Lisa went over to the hospital to pick up a patient for an apt they had & would've missed because the shuttle was not running, thanks to Lisa the patient didn't have to reschedule & was able to make the apt.

October 2017

Anna Banana Groah
We had a patient who kept getting lost on the way to her appointment for carotid studies. On the third try, Anna scheduled the appointment for the patient on her day off, picked her up at her home, drove her to the appointment, went back with her during the study at the patient's request, and drove her home. There may or may not have been pizza involved on the way home as the studies came out okay.
Anna Groah
Kayla Gibson
A patient needed a Carotid Duplex. She ended up going to the hospital instead of where she was supposed to go to get this done. Anna got her appointment rescheduled and gave the woman detailed directions to where she needed to go. The woman went to the hospital again and was very confused and disoriented about what was going on. After learning that this woman has no family in state and more than likely has some form of dementia, Anna rescheduled her appointment again and picked the patient up from her house and took her to her appointment on her day off.
JoBeth Stuart-Souders
Somebody uses the patients restroom and overflowed the toilet. A patient told her and she did not hesitate to get eh mop bucket and clean it up. Way to go Kirby!!!
Melissa Shafer
One day in October I left the building to find Brittany in the parking lot helping an elderly couple that could not get their car started. She was crawled up in the back of the car looking for jumper cables not to mention to potent smell of a nursing home. She pulled her car around and with the help of another patient was able to get the car started. Thanks, Brittany

November 2017

Melanie Hartless
On Melanie's way to work she stopped by the Staunton office to pick up a pair of trial contact lenses we needed for a patient that day. Thank you so much Melanie!

December 2017